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Fiction and Non-Fiction Rooted in Family Stories

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About the Author

Author Stephanie Pitcher FIshmanWho am I? I’m a wrangler of words and a keeper of family stories.

I’m powered by God & good coffee. My favorite book will always be Rebecca by Daphne DuMaurier (and has been since I was in the eighth grade.) I’m in love with the Oxford Comma. I’m hopelessly addicted to having my heart ripped out by BBC dramas. I love to insert references to history, pop culture, and humor into my writing and conversation. I currently have purple hair. I believe Joss Whedon can strike creative lightning at whim.

Find my books HERE. See what I’m working on HERE. And listen to me ramble on about fun stuff like fur babies and book research (or what music my characters are listening to today) HERE.

Official Biography:

Stephanie Pitcher Fishman is an author and professional genealogist specializing in Midwestern and Southeastern United States family history. She is the author of seven family history research guides in the Legacy QuickGuide series on topics including religious records, census records, and state-specific research techniques. She has also written articles and blog posts for websites such as and is a co-founder of The In-Depth Genealogist. She is also an active member of the Ohio Genealogical Society volunteering by lecturing on topics such as Plain Religions, Quaker research, and introducing family history to children. Her first novel, Finding Eliza, combines everything that she loves: family history, historical fiction, and strong female characters.