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Terrible Accident! The Fate of Little George Blount


Deep inside Green Lawn Cemetery sits a memorial to a beloved young boy, George Blount, affectionately known as Georgie. Only living five short years, his life on earth was far shorter than his local fame would suggest.

October (2015) fun: Family History, Scares, and Goals


October is family history month here in the United States – and it’s a themed month idea that I can get behind. If you are at all interested in your ancestors and their past, this is a great month to get started on your new obsession hobby, and I’ve got some things that will help.

Happy National Coffee Day!

Happy National Coffee Day!

Apparently September 29th is National Coffee Day! Who knew my people had a holiday dedicated to the fuel that makes us who we are.

Five things you didn’t know about Stephanie

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The key to a great relationship is to be open, honest, and authentic, right? If we’re going to be friends you’ll need to know a few things about me.

Once there was a boy named Georgie…


Georgie is something of a local celebrity to a small niche of people in my area. I’ve recently become his friend, and he’s darling. His story is quite tragic. You’ll learn it soon enough.