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Author Stephanie Pitcher Fishman is a wrangler of words and a keeper of family stories. Powered by God, good coffee, and the occasional piece of chocolate, she writes family history research guides and fiction about strong women.

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Fiction, Nonfiction, and Finding Eliza

Family stories play heavily in my personal and professional life.
See how it has influenced my novel, Finding Eliza.

"Not since Steel Magnolias has a group of southern belles been as strong, charming, and funny. Throw in a compelling mystery and poignant history, and you've got a can't-put-down, can't-miss hit." Writester, Amazon.com

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Resources for Writers

Writers need resources just as much as we need coffee.* I'm sharing some of my favorite resources for writers including websites, podcasts, generators, and more.

*You may say that we need resources more, but I require a serious amount of coffee.

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So I just blogged about #cats and #JossWhedon. It makes sense; I promise. - Enter Cordelia stephaniefishman.com… #writing

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The name Cordelia elicits one of three responses from the people that I've met. They are taken to the heroine in Shakespeare's King Lear. They remember the bad girl of Buffy the Vampire Slayer turned good girl of Angel, Cordelia Chase.* They just stare at me wondering why we chose that … [Keep Reading...]