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Now Available > The Widow Teal: Episode One

The Widow Teal by Stephanie Pitcher Fishman

The wait is over! You can dive into the world of Jerrica and her friends – and her “dead” husband, Harrison – because The Widow Teal: Episode One is now available on Amazon for Kindle!

Free Book Friday: Shutter Step

Shutter Step

Amazon has price-matched Shutter Step! You can now snag this awesome anthology for FREE.

Learning to do mornings…

Learning to be a morning person

Normally, mornings and I don’t get along. We fight a little. Hurtful words are shared. (Okay, so words just plain hurt that early no matter what they are.) I’ve been like this all my life. Until now. Apparently as an indie author I’m learning to do mornings.

Book Reviews = Indie Author Success

Reviews help indie authors!

It sounds dramatic to say that your book reviews can make or break an indie author, but it’s really true.

Monday Musings

The Widow Teal by Stephanie Pitcher Fishman

Some Monday musings like cats and The Widow Teal. Meet one of the fuzzy bums that helps me write each day. You can see more of them over on Instagram. Have you connected with me over there? You should. I’m fun to stalk. (Kidding…. no, but really…)