Sometimes the Silly Putty Doesn’t Work


All of my writing buddies and most authors that I’ve talked with have a “thing.” Sometimes it’s music. Other times it’s a certain type of drink that they have next to them in order to write. {HELLO COFFEE}

For me, it’s Silly Putty.

When I write, I pop and twist Silly Putty

Yep. That stuff you used to grab every Sunday morning along with the comics. That stuff that you’d string out and get into the carpet making mom really, really mad. That stuff that got covered with hair because you wanted to see what texture the dog’s fur would make… but it backfired.

That stuff.

It sits on my desk next to my laptop, waiting. I pop open the red egg when I sit down to write. Just squishing and popping it helps me focus. I claim it helps with my mind that goes 800 miles per hour. If my hands are busy I can think more clearly. However, I suspect it has more to do with my anxiety. When I’m worried that readers won’t connect with a character I can work out my frustrations with my hands and a glob of stretchy goo. When I’m irritated with a character – like I am with Harrison most of the time – I can tear and rip into that goo instead of his non-existent fat-head face… sorry, got off track. (I’m mad at him today. Jerrica discovered a sweet note that he had written years ago while, hello, he is pretending to be dead. How sweet is he? Not very.)

Today the Silly Putty wasn’t enough to get the words flowing, so I decided to pop onto the blog and see if the words were hiding over here. Apparently they were because now I can hear Harrison and Mitchell fight a little bit. Man, are they grouchy.

I’m just under 13K words towards Jerrica’s story. I still don’t have an official title, but I’ll be blogging about it when I get there. I’ve decided to take a little more personal approach and ramble through my book so you can meet the characters as I do. Let me know in the comments below what you’d like to know about them.

Don’t forget you can get a peek at them over on Pinterest, too.


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    • says

      There’s something great about having a stone to hold. I used to have some when I was younger that I loved, but I’ve lost them over the years. I keep looking for a nice river stone. I do have a piece of “my mountain” that sits on my desk near me. Perhaps it would work. (I grew up down the road from Stone Mountain in GA, so I have a piece of the granite that I’ve brought back with me.)

  1. says

    They sure don’t have commercials like that anymore, do they? :)

    I was a little stuck in my WIP, so I decided to jump ahead to the big event that has been building. I thought I would have to fill in some details/time, but once I started writing, I discovered that my character was in the perfect time and place for it, even though I originally had other plans!

  2. says

    I used to have a polished pink stone that calmed me and helped me think when I rolled it around in my hand, but after two moves in the last year and a half, I have no idea where it is. I think it’s time to look for it :)

    I’d love to know some of Harrison’s back story.

    • says

      Coffee is definitely acceptable. I approve. Especially if it’s flavored with a little coconut creamer… mmmm….. Thanks for the encouragement! I’m having fun with it. I hit a wall over the weekend because real life and schedules collided, but hopefully I’ll catch up to goal this week.

  3. says

    Stephanie I am way behind and still reading Finding Eliza I imagine what ever you write it will be grand. The one thing I noticed about your novel is the instant connection we readers have with the characters.

    I don’t have any props when I when I write. I need silence and that is hard to achieve when I work from my kitchen table lol.

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